Susan makes Toadie an offer

At court, Toadie asks for an adjournment but his request is refused. Riddled with nerves, Toadie begins to doubt himself when he hears the prosecutor’s damning opening statement and he starts to have a panic attack. In a break from proceedings, Susan offers to plead guilty as originally planned but Toadie refuses.

School counsellor Dan Fitzgerald offers Ringo some literature on eating disorders, but also accidentally hands him a caricature he has drawn of fellow teacher, Helen Carr. Still annoyed at having to accept help for his problems, and wanting to punish Dan for his interference, Ringo photocopies the cartoon.

Although Ringo’s conscience gets the better of him and he abandons the plan, troublemaker Jessica finds the original drawing in the copier and wallpapers the corridors with the cartoon. Ringo attempts to take them all down, but is caught in the act by Helen Carr herself.

Carmella angrily confronts Marco over his marriage, but she is left embarrassed when he admits he is now divorced and hadn’t mentioned it because it brings back painful memories. Carmella tries to apologise before Marco moves in for a kiss.

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