Susan pays Angus a visit

Susan is surprised when she confronts Angus and discovers he’s not the nasty predator she thought him to be. She is given further food for thought when Angus says that treating Rachel like a child is a big mistake. Susan urges Angus to push Rachel away, before she decides to take a more mature approach with her step-daughter. But Rachel is determined to continue the relationship and Susan’s efforts to try to scare Rachel to forget her feelings for Angus backfire, leading Rachel to find Angus to try to rekindle their passion.

Declan resists both Rebecca and Oliver’s attempts to put the ghosts of the past to rest at Richard’s funeral. But after some thought, Declan realises he needs to put his anger behind him and decides to attend, finding the experience unexpectedly cathartic.

Elle and Riley’s personal feelings continue to get in the way at work. Brad urges Riley to sort himself out if he wants to be a reporter, before turning on Elle, demanding that she resign if she can’t bring herself to work with him.

Also, Janae and Ned’s relationship continues to deteriorate as they struggle with the fallout from her illicit kiss with Darren.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday April 25*

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