Susan returns to Ramsay Street

Rachel and Zeke worry about Karl’s laid back attitude towards Susan’s return to Erinsborough. However, Karl’s calm demeanour is shattered when he sees Susan and Tom having an intimate conversation at the ScarletBar, not realising that Susan is letting Tom down gently in favour of Karl. Later, Karl’s fears prove unfounded when Susan returns home and reconfirms her love for him.

Frazer and Rosie go to the races, with nervous Frazer forced to confront his fears about his accident, and loved-up Rosie searching for the perfect moment to propose to him. Rosie presents her man with a swanky watch before popping the question – but she’s gutted when Frazer immediately says no.

Janae is disappointed when Lou demotes himself as her boxing coach, telling her there’s too much violence in the world. Still determined to continue with boxing and therefore get rid of her pent up anger towards Boyd, Janae blackmails her number one enemy, Ned, to be her new training partner.

Tom’s Sunday morning detention turns into chaos when Zeke, Rachel, Lolly, Bree and Ringo find themselves locked in the school, with no way out.