Susan rocks Paul by returning early

Paul is taken by surprise when Susan returns home from Canada early and he tries to seal the deal with the advertisers before she uncovers it. Susan finds out, however, and confronts him, threatening to take the newspaper down with her if she’s ousted from the editorship. Paul is left with little option but to comply.

Meanwhile, Paul takes his frustration out on Sophie and Zoe is left picking up the pieces. When she gives him parental advice, however, Paul has had enough and decides to end their relationship. He arranges a dinner to break the news to her but when Sophie unexpectedly turns up, Paul realises how much Zoe has come to mean to her. Getting out of this relationship is going to be more difficult than he thought…

Despite her doubts, Jade is determined to make her relationship with Kyle work again and starts by preparing a romantic dinner. However, Kyle notices her efforts are completely out of character, realises Jade’s not as comfortable as she claims to be and encourages her to relax and take things easy.