Susan sees Summer and Bradley together

A dream makes Susan think she has to talk to Bradley about his ‘interest’ in her but then she witnesses Bradley and Summer kissing and realises she’s got completely the wrong idea. However, Susan’s feeling conflicted, believing Bradley’s far too old for Summer. Convinced she needs to protect her, Susan tries to get Summer to break off the fledgling relationship, but Summer feels she can look after herself and ignores Susan’s advice.

Jade’s looking forward to a day on the couch with Kyle before she flies back to LA, but he has other plans in mind, including go-cart racing and rock climbing. He wants her to have great memories of fun at home when she’s living her exciting life in the US. Jade tries to convince him she just needs to think of him to be happy but, once she’s gone, it’s clear that it’s getting harder for Kyle to say goodbye.

Sophie is trying to concentrate on her studies but Rani is eager for her to meet Harley and drags her out for lunch. However, Sophie’s not impressed by Harley’s attitude and ends up telling Rani some home truths about her choice in boys.