Susan stays at Jim’s bedside

Susan remains at Jim’s bedside, while at home, Karl screws up the abseiling booking form. When she finally arrives home she apologises and is relieved when Karl’s completely understanding, presenting her with a pair of walking boots for their trip. Susan feels awkward when Jim calls to thank her, offering to take her out to dinner, but she politely turns him down.

Kate continues to snap at Sophie and the pair can hardly be in the same room. Over at Callum’s, Sophie asks if she can stay over, but doesn’t tell him it’s because she can’t stand being at home with Kate. However, Toadie can see that Sophie is upset, and he tells her she can hang out at their house any time, but she should make up with Kate.

When Sophie tells Kate she’s staying over at Callum’s to give her some space, Kate lashes out and they have another fight. Desperate to bring Mark back, and to stop the arguments, Sophie calls the police station. Kate’s furious when she finds out.

Toadie’s at the police station working on a burglary case with Detective Hayes when they’re interrupted by an officer telling him there’s been a fatality. When he overhears them talking about Mark, he realises he is the fatality.

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