Susan is struggling with the emotional weight of counselling Nate and looks into getting a counsellor for herself. Nate comes across the literature, and Susan lies that she’s looking at a professional for him. Nate doesn’t like this idea but offers Susan the opportunity to stop counselling him if it’s too tough for her. It’s the escape Susan needs, but she refuses.

Karl scratches a scratch card to find he’s won $7,000. But when he loses the ticket he returns to all the places he’s visited. Last stop: Toadie’s, where a naturist lunch is taking place. If Karl wants his seven grand, he’ll have to get his kit off. Which he does!

Toadie’s pitch to German husband and wife business team Gretchen and Niklas is impressive. But when they invite them to a weekend naturist getaway, Toadie is forced to reveal they’re not actually naturists. His honesty impresses the couple and he secures the job. But there’s a sting in the tale – an anonymous letter warning him that Sonya is not who he thinks she is.