Susan takes drastic action

Susan reassures Karl that she doesn’t want a separation, but when she sees his video message to baby Holly, and then Izzy, she’s furious. She later vents her anger in the classroom, and ends up breaking down in front of a concerned Tom. Fed up and needing a break from the men in her life, Susan decides to leave town for a while, much to Karl’s dismay.

While Paul’s business rivals delight in his downfall, Paul is forced to eat more humble pie when he visits the school to try to get some teaching work. Unfortunately, his visit ends in a very public humiliation and another headache attack sees Paul writhing on the floor in agony in front of a corridor full of students.

Paul visits Dr Stone to demand she diagnose his condition, but the dodgy doc is unable to bluff any longer and refers him to a specialist.

Meanwhile, Elle feels guilty seeing her dad reduced to living in an empty flat and offers him an olive branch.

Zeke feels increasingly insecure in his relationship with Bree, especially when he sees Ringo and Rachel together. Reassessing his romantic status, Zeke decides to take his girl on a proper date.