Susan threatens Sam

Sam and Susan come head to head over Sam’s meddling in Dan and Libby’s life and Susan threatens Sam, falling right into her trap. Sam calls Dan knowing Susan is within earshot and puts on an act and Susan finally cracks. When she threatens Sam to stay away from Libby and Dan, Sam slaps an intervention order on her making it impossible for Susan to go anywhere near Sam under any circumstances, including the office! How far will she go to destroy Libby and Dan forever?

Dan is torn between his love for Libby and his unborn child, and comes to a difficult decision – Sam has to go back to New Zealand. If all of the drama with Susan is putting her under stress then he believes leaving is the best thing for the baby.

Steph pours her heart out to Miranda and Rebecca – she loves being an independent woman but is over being single! When they tell her to get involved in online dating, Steph decides to take a gamble and signs up to When she gets some less than impressive responses, she agrees to a makeover from Rebecca and Miranda to do away with her tomboy image so as to attract the right man.

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