Susan to the rescue!

Priya is no idea what to do to about her situation but when Rani mentions she’s heard that Brian and his wife fight a lot, she starts to think she may not be the only victim. She calls Brian’s wife and is surprised when she doesn’t even defend her husband. Priya discusses the news with Susan who starts to think Brian’s done this before. Susan investigates but no one will talk on the record, so she only has one option. She meets Brian in Charlie’s and bluffs that she has people willing to testify against him. Brian backs down and withdraws his case against Priya, who is reinstated as principal of Erinsborough High.

Mason tracks down Robbo’s phone number, calls him and gives him their new address, which Bailey thinks is a really bad idea. Mason and Robbo have a seemingly friendly chat but then it’s revealed that Robbo is already in Erinsborough. But why hasn’t he told Mason?

Keen to impress Paul, Andrew makes his first sale to Sheila who’s scraped together all her life savings for the purchase. Paul is proud of his son’s achievement but shocks him when he reveals that they still don’t have final approval from the council. Andrew’s unnerved, having told buyers that everything’s sorted but Paul tells him to toe the line and get on with it.