Karl comes into contact with Jill’s grieving children at the hospital and is concerned for their welfare. Alerting Susan to their plight, she goes to investigate. What does the future hold for the Ramsay children?

Toadie does his best to defend his client, but Paul’s guilty conscience is made worse by the thorough questioning and the unsettling flashbacks that he keeps having. Eventually, Paul blames himself for Jill’s death, and confesses this to the police. Paul is then charged with her death. Is Paul going to prison?

Lou returns from his travels and walks straight into the media scrum surrounding Paul who has been released on bail. With tensions rising on Ramsay Street, Lou ends up getting into a fight with an over-zealous photographer. Welcome home Lou!

Prompted by the changes to the play, Donna seeks character information from Steph. Although Steph is challenged by the confronting questions about her relationship with Toadie, Donna finds her attitude empowering.

But when Donna learns about Paul’s arrest she fears she’s becoming a burden on Elle and inspired by Steph’s apparent strength, goes for a spin on Steph’s motorbike. However, her world soon comes crashing down…

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