Libby wakes up in hospital and Susan is given shocking news of her condition. Susan invites Libby and Ben to come and live back in the family home for a while but Libby refuses, determined to handle it on her own. But will her insistence upon independence be her downfall?

Kate is rocked by the news that Lou is not coming home anytime soon and once again the Ramsay kids are left without a guardian. Declan tries to persuade Kate to apply for the position of guardian, but she can’t without having a well-paid job.

Declan encourages her to ring around some dance agencies and she secures an audition with a professional dance troupe. However, Kate comes up against Candice, the jealous lead dancer. Can Kate fight to secure her position with the dance agency?

Andrew keeps ringing Donna to try and get her to come home, after all he’s taking the wrap for both of them.  In the end, he rings her and promises he’ll take the blame for everything that happened. Meanwhile, the rest of the teens struggle to make sense of their two missing friends – and are eventually forced to take sides.

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