Susan’s concerned for Rani

Rani seems to be coping extremely well considering she’s just lost her mother and Susan is a little worried for her. Then, when Ajay plants a memorial tree in Priya’s memory and Rani turns up in the dress she wore the day her mother died, alarm bells start to ring. Sophie tries to get her to open up without any luck but Rani seems on the verge of cracking when she’s with Susan though she holds it together. Something is stopping her from expressing her grief.

Stunned after the revelation of Scotty’s sexuality, Georgia heads over to talk to him but finds he’s gone, leaving only a short note of apology. She seeks answers from Chris but he’s of little help and blames Kyle for not telling her earlier. Kyle sends flowers to console her but Georgia tells him in no uncertain terms – nothing can happen between them.

Susan is still being pursued to become principal at Erinsborough High but feels it would be disrespectful to Priya. Ajay and Rani, however, completely support her and suggest it’s what Priya would have wanted.

And Paul is concerned he’s going to be held responsible for the explosion, plaguing the police for a report on the cause of the blast. He’s drawn, however, to Priya’s memorial tree, only to meet Ajay who holds him completely responsible for the death of his wife. And he’s after revenge.