Susan is starting to get really scared. She’s been followed home by a strange dark car and has had a succession of menacing emails. But it’s when the same car stops right outside the Kennedy house and threatens her, that Susan really loses her composure.

Lucas runs after the car and tries to get the number plate but it’s already driven away. Karl decides enough is enough and he calls the police. But when the officers arrive, the news isn’t good. There’s very little they can do. Susan tries to pretend that everything’s OK but secretly, she starts to doubt whether she can ever leave the house again.

Ringo stands firm on his decision to quit the ambulance service, but Donna’s not having any of it. She believes she knows what will make him truly happy, so she embarks upon one hair-brained scheme after another to get him to change his mind. But when Ringo sees through her plotting, she realises it’s time for an ultimatum. If he won’t pursue his dreams of being a paramedic, then the engagement’s off!

Susan decides to stand up to the bully. She goes to uni but receives another threatening message. Terrified, she locks herself in the toilets.

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