Susan and Karl are shocked to discover her TIA diagnosis may have been premature and fear her symptoms indicate something far more serious and the doctor advises her to have more tests. Susan, meanwhile, is eager to get her life back on track and announces her intention to return to work. But Karl is concerned when an optimistic Susan begins to lose feeling in her hands…

Libby continues to remain evasive about her relationship breakdown with Darren, and sees Steph and Toadie’s relationship as an example of a perfect match. Later, she subtly attacks Karl over his past infidelity with Izzy.

Zeke tries to hide his worry over Susan’s illness, but when he’s harassed by bullies on the swim team, he loses his temper and starts a fight. Disgruntled about the punishment dealt to him by Jeremy, Zeke later defends Jessica and Taylah when they are almost caught smoking during school time.

Ringo pleads innocent when Rachel confronts him about kissing Jessica but, feeling betrayed, Rachel ends her relationship with him. Things start looking up when she meets a handsome young swimmer at the pool.

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