Karl tackles Paul after embarrassing Susan when announcing his carers’ policy. But Paul denies exploiting Susan’s MS to undermine Karl’s bid to become Mayor. Later, Karl apologises to Susan for being so focused on his campaign and pulls out of the mayoral race. But after an enlightening chat with Sheila, Susan encourages Karl to continue his campaign and beat Paul.

Joshua buys Amber an expensive camera. She’s curious as to why he spent so much money on her and why he didn’t wait until Christmas to give it to her. His explanation that he’s so happy they’re finally together leaves her unsatisfied. Her instincts prove to be correct when she discovers text messages from Ruby on Josh’s phone, and learns he kissed the flirtatious journalist. Amber calmly tells him she can’t do this anymore and walks out.

Tension mounts when Paul takes over the conference room for a mayoral function, forcing Terese to cancel the staff Christmas party. Pushed to the brink of her patience, she vents to Brad that she’s had enough of Paul, and is ready to quit. When Brad unintentionally gives her a solution, Terese changes her mind, informing Paul she’s called in the big guns – Lucy is on her way.