Libby feels proud that Susan is facing her cyber bully head on. But as the threatening messages continue and her fears grow, the family gather and decide that enough is enough. But independent as always, Susan wants to face the stalker alone. After receiving repeatedly dangerous emails, she organises an inspirational presentation for her class at University on bullying, which she hopes to both clear the air and ward off her bully.

Callum bumps into Karl wearing a red clown nose, complaining how unfunny it is, he then decides to set up his own comedy routine to raise money. Minus the slapstick, Callum gives his performance to a herd of rowdy teenagers. But as Steph watches on in shock, the act is soon cancelled and banned for it’s adult humour. Although this doesn’t seem to hold back Callum from his natural talent.

Susan later delivers her presentation with a huge degree of passion to her class, winning over all their support. Soon the threats stop as she predicted. Rejuvenated and celebrating her freedom, she strolls home alone. But as a sinister black car begins tracking her every move, a wave of panic hits as she realises it’s not over yet.

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