To Susan’s surprise, her sister, Carmel, arrives in Erinsborough with the news that she’s getting a divorce and is looking to have some fun. For starters, Carmel ropes Susan into speed dating but Susan is shocked when Karl shows up at the event, too! Susan spends a few awkward minutes with her ex but Carmel and Karl get on like a house on fire. Is Carmel falling for her sister’s ex-husband?

Feeling guilty about his reaction to Andrew’s illness, Paul asks Priya for advice on how to deal with the situation. She advises providing Andrew with a goal to aim at to help smooth things over and Paul takes this on board. He suggests Andrew may come back to Charlie’s if he manages his condition, an idea that wins his son over. Later, Paul thanks Priya for her advice but she complains that this isn’t what their relationship is about. Then Paul sees Priya with Ajay and realises he’s feeling jealous.

Chris and Summer sympathise with Andrew over his condition but can’t convince him to forgive Tash. Then he learns his self-medication could have killed him and realises he’s been stupid. He seeks Tash out and apologises wholeheartedly.