Susan’s suspicious of Jade

Feeling the building tension between Karl and Malcolm, Susan’s increasingly convinced something’s going on. When she sees Karl having coffee with Jade, she begins to suspect they’re seeing each other. Confronted by her feelings of jealousy, Susan confides in a surprised Malcolm, who fails to convince her she’s wrong.

Knowing she has no right to be jealous, but unable to curb her feelings, Susan attempts to catch Karl and Jade in the act, only to find them innocently exercising. Buoyed by Susan’s obvious jealousy, Karl begins to let himself hope he and Susan may be reunited in the not-so-distant future.

Summer’s still wrestling with her guilt after getting away with cheating on her exam, just as Chris had predicted. Resigned, Summer prepares to admit the truth and confesses to Andrew. However she’s surprised when rational Andrew has the opposite reaction to Chris: he doesn’t judge her, but urges her to keep quiet. Summer reluctantly agrees, but the nagging guilt about what she’s done won’t go away.

Banned from the internet, Callum talks his way into using his neighbours’ Wi-Fi as a way to avoid his latest punishment, but Toadie’s not impressed…