Susan’s the talk of Ramsay Street

With only limited vision, Susan is daunted by the prospect of returning home from the hospital. Little does she know that Darren has let slip to Harold and Lou that she’s suffering from MS and the news has spread around Ramsay Street. The neighbours show their concern for Susan when she comes home but the attention becomes all too much and Susan goes into hiding.

Despite Darren apologising for shoving Karl, Libby is unimpressed and lays into him for always being sorry after the fact. The incident forces Libby to tell Karl that Darren cheated on her. The news makes Karl question Libby’s recent aggressive attitude towards him and his adulterous past and Libby confirms that she has been comparing Darren’s actions to his.

Upset her article did so much damage to the farmer who owned the sick horses, Elle searches for a way to make it up to him and writes an article to educate the city population on rural problems. Despite her belief in the article’s worthiness, Erinsborough News editor, Brad Jordan, refuses to run it. Is Elle’s journalism career over before it even began?

Also, to cover her deception at her mounting debt, Valda inadvertently commits fraud.

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