Suspecting that Mike isn’t going to propose to her, an impatient Susan pops the question herself. When Mike accepts, Susan hurriedly calls everyone to let them know the wedding is back on and that all the details, except the groom, remain the same. Gabrielle says she can’t make it now as it’s her wedding day too and when Susan discovers that Gaby is copying every detail of her wedding they have a vicious fight.

Not wanting to end their friendship, Susan and Gabrielle get together that evening and decide that they should have a double wedding. But the next morning, both women are having second thoughts about sharing their big day and break the bad news to each other.

With Lynette still not speaking to him, Tom persuades an old college pal to stop by the pizzeria without telling Lynette that they’re a marriage counsellor – but when Lynette realises what’s going on, she ends the impromtu therapy session. Later, when Tom begs Lynette to tell him why she’s so angry, she says that because he forced Rick to reveal he had feelings for her, she was left with no choice but to fire him.

In the ensuing fight, Lynette falls off the bed and bangs her head on the night-stand. As Lynette and Tom wait to see a doctor at the hospital, Tom correctly guesses that Lynette fell for Rick and is still not over him despite her assurances that nothing happened. Just then, the doctor arrives and delivers the shock news that Lynette’s X-rays showed some swelling – and it could be lymphoma.

Also, Edie conjures up an elaborate plan to get Carlos to move in with her by suggesting they try for a baby. Little does Carlos know that Edie is still taking her birth control pills.