Suspicious Karl investigates Nick

Nick’s terrified he’s about to be discovered when Karl gets the unexpected results of Paul’s blood tests and pre-emptively announces that he has cured Paul of his leukaemia. Karl is staggered. Nick, convinced he’s won, has no idea that Georgia has uncovered the proof that she needs to destroy him.

It’s the night before the hundredth anniversary of the Gallipoli landing and Nate admits to Susan he’s not going to attend the service at the Shrine of Rememberance with his old battalion. Susan supports his decision but extends an invitation to the local service she’s officiating. Nate turns up and tells Susan he wants to move on and invites her to meet his army mates in the city.

Trying to convince Brennan to fight for Naomi, Sheila unwittingly raises Brennan’s suspicions. He questions Naomi on her feelings for Paul. However, she sidesteps the question, leaving Brennan more confused than ever and it’s Toadie who presses him to step up and tell her how he feels.