Having phoned his Mum, Seb tells Abi he wants them to move away and start afresh. But when Abi admits she failed at rehab, Seb orders her to leave. As Abi goes, she tells Seb she too would like to run away and having caught the end of their conversation, Phelan watches Seb menacingly…

In turmoil a tearful Kate approaches the Nazirs and tells them she’s leaving for Devon. Rana follows Kate out of the pub and begs her not to go but their farewell is cut short by the arrival of Sophie. Deeply upset, Kate tells Rana that she’s going to go and stay at Carla’s house to try and get her head together and the girls watch sadly as Kate’s taxi pulls away.

Sean arrives at No.9 pulling his wheelie case and explains to Tyrone that Angie and Jude have thrown him out and Fiz has agreed that he can stay while she’s away. Sean assures Tyrone he’s going to take good care of him and his girls.

Second episode of evening.