Suzanne and Darren are caught in the act!

Rhys is mortified to catch Suzanne and Darren tearing each other’s clothes off. Within seconds, Darren finds himself under attack from the angry Ashworth. He’s disgusted at them both, and it looks like he might tell Neville about the affair.

Tony and Gabby share an intimate moment. She lets on that she’s never been unfaithful to husband, Phil, but before Tony can find out if that’s about to change, Gabby collapses. Nevertheless, Tony is far more interested in her well-being than he is of Cindy’s. When Gabby asks if she can be with him when she leaves hospital, Tony says yes.

Newt tries to stop Frankie calling Social Services. He starts to realise he’s been in denial about Shelley, and he plans to run away with Jensen. Rae hopes to talk Newt out of it, but he’s going to leave, with or without her.

Also; Cindy’s making headway on plans for Tony to adopt Holly. Dom’s troubled, thinking Cindy isn’t the type to stick around. She calls Tony for comfort, but he’s distant and uninterested. So she stands up for herself with Dom, and admits Tony was the best thing that ever happened to her. As far as she’s concerned, Tony saved her life. Dom wonders if he’s got Cindy wrong.

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