Still getting her head around Josh’s attack on Mike, Suzanne is stunned when Rhys announces he’s moving out. She begs him not to go but Rhys is still angry at his mum and tells her she’s ripped the family apart. Later, Suzanne is outraged to learn from Josh about Mike’s blackmail, and determinedly heads over to the Barnes’ house. She tells Amy about Mike’s blackmail and he eventually agrees to drop the charges against Josh.

Zak and Zoe go to The Dog to help celebrate Darren becoming manager after his attack yesterday. Well aware of Zak’s feeling for Zoe, and unaware of Zoe’s feelings towards him, Darren purposely acts like an idiot in a bid to push her away. Zoe is left wondering if she’s got Darren wrong.

Suspicious Warren quizzes Justin about his love life, puzzled as to why he’s not been on the pull recently, but luckily for Justin, Clare interrupts and sticks up for him. Back at the flat, Warren demands to know who Justin has been seeing.

Justin panics, thinking he and Katy have been rumbled, not realising Warren reckons he’s seeing Clare. Warren warns him that if Clare finds out about Sean, she’ll go straight to the police, and Justin reassures him he can be trusted.

*Screened on TV3, Wednesday July 11*