Suzanne despairs over Hannah

With Hannah’s condition clearly deteriorating, Suzanne is at a loss to know how to help her daughter. Hannah refuses to see a doctor, insisting there’s nothing wrong with her and locks herself in her room, frustrated at her family’s interference. Rhys tries to reason with her, and eventually Hannah relents and opens the door. Will she finally admit she needs help?

Worried about leaving the girls alone, Mike offers to take baby Leah with him to visit Kathy. Amy is furious, insisting she doesn’t want her mum anywhere near her baby. Mike backs down when Sarah agrees to share the responsibility. But once alone, the girls squabble over who should do the babysitting. As they struggle to come to a compromise, Sarah and Amy are oblivious of the fact that they’re being watched.

Danny is determined that Justin’s days of moping over Katy are over, and does everything he can to cheer his friend up. But Justin is adamant that the only thing he wants is Katy and he’s determined to win her back.

Katy gets a shock when she learns she’s not enrolled on the college law course. Warren is outraged when he finds out, but fails to win over the admin officer. Luckily, Louise steps in and saves the day.