Suzanne learns the truth about Hannah

After falsely accusing Gilly, Hannah is mortified at how her lies have spiralled out of control and begins to lose her grip on reality. Meanwhile, Suzanne begins to have doubts about Hannah’s rape story after having a word with Gilly, who’s determined to clear his name. Later, Hannah is shocked to find Melissa hooked to drips and monitors when she visits her at the hospital.

Elsewhere, determined Suzanne breaks into Hannah’s room and discovers signs of someone suffering from anorexia. Confronted with the evidence, Hannah breaks down crying, and Suzanne is horrified at the skeletal state of her daughter.

Jessica visits Clive at the police station and tells him exactly what she thinks of him. However, Clive tempts her by telling her about a wad of cash he stashed in her flat. Urged by Zak to pay what she owes Frankie, Jessica finds the money, but will she take Zak’s advice?

Nancy is getting increasingly wound up by Russ’s laddish behaviour, but gets closer to Jake when he leaves a drunken Russ behind in The Dog. It’s the last straw for Nancy when Russ stumbles in and noisily rushes to the loo to be sick, waking up the baby.