Gilly tries to persuade Neville to go and see Josh – he could get sent down this week and needs Neville’s support. But Neville’s cold and dismissive, still shocked that his drunk son got behind the wheel of a car. Darren grows concerned when Neville and Suzanne row over Josh and Suzanne hits the bottle. But Darren doesn’t know whether he can say ‘no’ when a sexy Suzanne turns her attentions on him and offers him a glass or two.

Jake wonders if he’s worrying unnecessarily about Loretta. On the face of it, she’s the perfect girlfriend, yet his niggling suspicions won’t go away. He tries to buy some time by dodging questions about getting a flat with her. Seeing Loretta’s disappointment, Frankie comes up with a quick and ideal solution – Loretta will move in with them instead.

Theresa’s at Kyle’s flat and is refusing to go home to the McQueens’. Kyle puts it simply – if Theresa wants to use Kyle’s pad as a doss house, she can start to pay her way.

Also; Ste’s confident that an ardent Olly is getting nowhere with Amy – until Olly decides to get her drunk; Tom warns Gilly to treat Steph right, meanwhile, Steph gets some shocking news about her health.

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