Martha is reeling at Suzy’s declaration that she is Hugo’s wife. Hugo admits he’s technically married to Suzy, but it was a marriage of convenience. Hugo tells Suzy to back off, but she wants him back, for the business. Hugo says he wants to stay with Martha. Suzy delights in telling Martha that she and Hugo were more than just business partners. Martha goes to the farm to do some thinking.

Gina is disappointed that Hugo used marriage in such a mercenary way, but she can’t help but be charmed when Suzy introduces herself. Xavier thinks Hugo is being totally selfish.

Angelo and Bryant quiz Hugo about the ship’s log. He assumes the guy that broke into the boat-shed left it there. Angelo again asks him about Best Fruit Imports, but Hugo can’t shed light on that either. Angelo’s disappointed, as he can link that company to the boat that the asylum seekers were on. Angelo produces an identikit sketch of the man who terrorised Nicole and Geoff. Hugo realises it’s the man who broke into the boat-shed. It seems like a breakthrough to Angelo, but he needs to identify the man. All his efforts come up short, and Angelo’s boss isn’t pleased.

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