Suzy is caught red-handed

Suzy sets her sights on the Arches’ takings when she sees Phil putting it in the Queen Vic safe and makes a reservation on a train to Paris for that evening. Suzy watches Roxy turn the combination lock then memorises the number. Suzy cries off going out when Phil takes Ben to the theatre then sneaks up to the safe, but the combination won’t work. Suzy tries again and gets into the safe, but Archie catches her red-handed.

Ricky confesses to Billy that Janine was involved in Barry’s fatal fall from a cliff and Billy is stunned. Billy tells Ricky that he should go to her wedding to make sure that she’s not planning something similar for her elderly new husband. Ricky has food for thought.

Whitney rifles through Bianca’s bag to find her mum’s address and Bianca catches her and is angry. Bianca confesses to Ricky that she picked a fight with Whitney to avoid giving her the address. Ricky reassures her that she’s only trying to protect Whitney. A guilty Bianca hands Whitney an address but warns her that her mum may have moved on by now.

Also, Heather and Dot are upset when the Square Christmas tree is vandalised, but a mystery benefactor replaces the lights.

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