Carlos tells his lawyer to give Gabrielle everything she wants in the divorce settlement, which heightens her suspicions. She finds a lucrative new job offer locked away and when she learns she’ll get no more after the divorce is final, she starts to re-strategise.

Gabrielle tells the other girls she still loves Carlos and, later, she summons him to the bedroom to help with her zipper. She strips down and they fall into bed… The next morning she tells him she thinks they should forget the divorce, at which point he starts laughing and tells her the whole thing was a set up!

Susan surprises Mike at the hospital only to be on the wrong end of a surprise herself – he’s making out with a half-naked Edie. Later she hits the margaritas hard with the girls before deciding to go over to Ian’s to tell him how she feels. But she’s so drunk she noisily throws up in his bathroom.

She wakes up the next morning at her house, with Ian asleep on her couch. She can’t remember a thing, but he reminds her that she told him how much she misses him – and she admits she really does feel that way.

Elsewhere, Lynette belatedly supports Tom in pizza venture and warns Nora off with violent threats; and Bree finds out more about Orson’s missing wife Alma.