Christian is horrified when he finds Lucy’s graffiti at the flat and he manages to divert Amira before she can see it. Syed sees the graffiti and is furious. Christian and Lucy paper over it. Syed’s heart sinks when Amira tells him that Christian offered her relationship advice. Syed apologises to Christian for being nasty to him. They argue, but their anger turns to passion…

Ronnie sees an upset Chelsea and is thoughtful when Chelsea reveals that Jack has dumped her. Ronnie goes to the hospital and Jack agrees to let her see him. Jack agrees to let Ronnie run the club while he’s out of action. Ronnie fixes Jack’s pillows, but she’s upset when he angrily pushes her away until she realises a humiliated Jack has wet the bed.

Ben asks Phil to watch him play kickabout with his mates and Louise is put out when Phil agrees. Ben is upset when Louise persuades Phil to take her to her dance class instead. Ben is happy when Phil sees him later and is impressed. Ben is later set upon by a group of bullies who take his trainers.

Also, Peggy and Pat are interviewed by Walford Gazette reporter Harvey Freeman (Martin Jarvis) about standing for the council.

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