Syed and Tanya start a salon war

Syed and Tanya set up a makeshift salon at Tanya’s house. Roxy walks past the salon and is surprised it’s shut. Michael offers to find out what’s going on as Roxy is busy trying to sort out the Ronnie problem. Tanya tells Michael that Roxy isn’t paying them enough to work at the salon. Michael thinks Tanya should buy the salon from Roxy. Meanwhile, Roxy tries to persuade Ronnie to return from Aunt Sal’s. She refuses, but Jack turns up and insists he’s bringing her home.

Carol visits Dot, who is recuperating at home after her fall. Dot tries to play down her injury but Carol is worried. Carol makes Dot lunch, but leaves as Dot gets cross with her fussing over her. Carol later brings round custard tarts and Dot refuses to take them. Dot half confesses that she’s struggling, although she tells Carol that the things she can manage she wants to do herself.

Afia suggests Masood take an eye test when he suffers from headaches and tells him to pop into the opticians. Masood chats to Afia’s colleague who reveals that Yusef didn’t approve of the boys that Afia used to hang around with. Masood jumps to the conclusion that Afia has had lots of boyfriends and tells Tamwar that there’s something he needs to ask his fiancee!