Syed panics about the ‘Bad Boy’ graffiti but Christian insists that no one has seen them together. Zainab assumes it’s a shifty Tamwar but discovers his secret is that he’s got his own website doing impressions of the locals! Syed overhears Masood and Jane arranging a cinema date and sees his chance to shift suspicion away from him. Syed tells Zainab and she worries that Masood and Jane are having an affair.

Stacey leaves Ryan in the lurch on the stall when she chases after a mysterious dark-haired girl, although it’s unclear whether the girl is real or a delusion. Jean learns that Ryan has sacked Stacey and Jean and Bradley beg Ryan to take her back but when Stacey sees the girl again she gets confused and a customer walks off without paying.

Peggy tells a skint Sam to get a job but when she succeeds in winding up Ronnie out of boredom Peggy gives her one hundred pounds to last the week. Sam spends all the money on new shoes and Ronnie is critical. Sam hits back that at least she’s not trying to get pregnant without telling her boyfriend.

Also, Max’s bills are stacking up and he worries about money.

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