Masood has a broken foot after the accident while Rachel is in hospital. Masood worries he’ll lose his taxi licence. The police question Masood and Amira lies that Masood swerved to avoid a kid on a moped. Amira tells Masood she doesn’t want another father in prison. Syed visits Christian and tells him Masood’s accident was punishment for saying he loved him and he tells Christian that their affair must stop.

Janine learns that Phil has got hold of some cash to pay the loan shark. Archie discovers Ian lent Phil the money and when he learns that Phil put the Vic up as security he asks to buy the debt. Archie is angry when Ian refuses. Janine assures Archie that she can sort out Ian. Meanwhile, Rachel is in a bad way and is rushed in for emergency surgery but Max is more worried about the unsigned cheque.

Ryan finds an upset Masood and she confesses that she’s been stopped from visiting Tony. Ryan argues with Bianca about Whitney and lets slip that she’s tried to see Tony. Bianca confronts Whitney but Whitney insists she wants to see him. Later, Whitney is handed a package from Tony by a mystery man. Inside there’s a mobile, with a text from Tony…