Syed cheats on Christian!

Syed slips out of the house to go for a drink with Danny. Syed wants money from Danny, who tells him to relax as the investment will pay out in due course. Danny wonders if the money is the only reason Syed is interested in him. Syed leans in for a kiss. Shocked by what he’s done, Syed leaves the club, but when Danny follows they kiss passionately – and are seen by Masood!

Sharon wants to leave Walford to protect Dennis from knowing the truth about his dad. Jack insists that Dennis will have to find out sometime so she might as well confess now. Sharon realises Jack is right and tells Dennis the truth. When Sharon and Dennis need somewhere to stay Jack is happy to let them move in with him.

Lola reaches a new low, desperate without Lexi, and locks herself in her room. When even Jay and Abi can’t talk Lola round Billy worries, then catches her ripping Lexi’s baby mobile to pieces. Billy goes back to Phil, desperate for help. Phil agrees to help, but only if Lexi lives with him. Billy isn’t happy with Phil’s terms, but realises that it’s the best he and Lola can do.