Yusef successfully convinces Zainab into going to Pakistan with him for a ‘holiday’. As Zainab packs, Yusef takes her mobile and unplugs her home phone. Meanwhile, Christian and Syed are throwing a party. Syed announces their engagement. There’s a stunned silence when Amira walks in. Amira tells Syed he’s a father before fleeing. Syed tells Amira he wants to see his daughter. Amira agrees as long as Christian stays well away.

Tyler thinks he’s blown it with Whitney, but determined to make a last attempt he fixes an old teddy bear from the shop to give to Whitney. Tyler leaves the bear on her doorstep with an apology note asking for a date. Tyler is distracted all day until Whitney finally texts him to say ‘yes’.

Alfie’s worried that Mandy is only after Ian’s money and he and Kat cook up a honey trap to try to expose her. Alfie flirts with Mandy, but she’s no fool and tells him to get lost. Ian thinks Alfie was trying it on with Mandy. When Kat seems to know all about it, Ian mistakenly assumes they wanted to do a wife swap!

Also, Carol criticises Lauren for getting drunk on the anniversary of Billie’s death.