Syed is injured

Zainab can’t bring herself to go to her injured son’s side as people are looking. Syed comes round and is taken to hospital. Yusef comforts Zainab and suggests she visit Janine as he’s in a bad way. Zainab sneaks into the hospital. Syed is tearful to see his mum. Zainab bumps into Yusef on her way out and is confused over who he’s talking about when he tells her that ‘love never dies’…

Syed has found out that her estranged gran, Lydia, is in hospital and visits her. It’s soon clear that Janine is a chip off the old block as Lydia makes a caustic comment about the time it’s taken for her to visit. Janine offers to let Lydia move in with her while she recuperates. Lydia turns her down, but is clearly tempted. Janine’s sudden attack of charity is soon explained – she’s discovered that Lydia is rich!

Shirley asks Jay and Ben to upload a photo of Heather for her onto the dating website, but before they do Heather has a message from a potential date. Jay and Ben photoshop Jodie’s head onto a picture of Heather. Shirley warns Heather to be honest from the start or risk disappointment.