Syed tells Christian that he doesn’t want to pretend to be someone else any more, but a hurt Christian rejects him. Syed gives Tamwar the Qu’ran that Masood gave to him. He tries again with Christian and tells him that he is Muslim and gay and he won’t choose between the two. Masood and Zainab think Syed has turned his back on the family and shut him out. Christian takes Syed home with him.

Ian confronts Phil at the Arches and accuses him of being a bad parent and a furious Phil threatens Ian with a spanner. Peggy arrives just in time to intervene. Peggy asks Shirley to keep an eye on Phil. Shirley worries that Phil might go back on the bottle, but he’s determined to stay sober and takes all the booze in the flat to the Vic.

Adam hints to Lucy about the deal they made over the exam papers, but Lucy tells him where to go. Lucy worries that Adam has ratted on her to the school when they phone asking to see her and a parent. Jane and Lucy return from the meeting at the school with good news… the school think she has Oxbridge potential!

Also, Ronnie confesses to Jack that she miscarried Owen’s baby.

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