Syed meets up with Amira and Yasmin!

Syed lies to Christian he’s seeing his solicitor then heads out to meet Amira in the park. Syed is chuffed to spend time with Yasmin. Amira asks a passerby to take a photo of the three of them on her phone. Syed tells Amira he wants to see her again, but says he’s going to be honest with Christian from now on.

Mandy’s alone at Ian’s and sets off the smoke alarm by burning some bacon. Jack comes in to help with the alarm and Mandy flirtily thanks him. Mandy wants Jack to stay until Ian returns, to wind up Ian. Jack wonders why Mandy’s ruining the good thing she’s got going. Ian returns and they argue when he finds out Jack’s been there. Mandy ends up smashing up his car with a golf club!

Fat Boy is tormented by Whitney’s relationship with Tyler. Lauren tries to cheer him up, but just makes things worse. Meanwhile, Whitney has agreed to spend the night at Tyler’s. Tyler produces a bottle of vodka when it’s clear they’re both nervous about sleeping together. Whitney has a flashback to Rob and wants to leave. Tyler puts his foot in it yet again by telling Whitney to chill, as he’s not a punter!