Syed pays the blackmailer

Syed worries about his blackmailer’s threat that Zainab will be getting a letter. Syed gets another text demanding £300 and he leaves a package with the money in the phone box. Christian has a go at Syed for giving in to blackmail, but he hugs him when Syed gets upset. Amira walks in and almost catches them. Meanwhile, Lucy collects the package of money from the phone box.

Archie convinces Sam to come for lunch and Ricky insists on going with her. Sam is surprised when Archie wonders if she’s going back to Brazil and she reminds him it will break her bail terms. Archie changes tactics and he offers a homeless Billy and Jay a place to stay. Janine wonders why Archie is bothering with Billy, but he assures her that Billy could come in useful.

Denise is delighted when Lucas gets down on one knee and presents her with an engagement ring. Denise and Lucas announce their engagement in the Vic and reveal that they’re planning the wedding for a few weeks’ time. Liz wryly congratulates them.

Also, Tanya offers to lend Oscar to Jane for the day to see if it will win round Ian; Jay mugs Lucy for her new phone and accidentally leaves her unconscious.

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