Syed takes desperate measures

Syed goes to the mosque and feels humiliated when Bushra’s husband Nadim tells him to find another mosque to go to. Syed heads to the Minute Mart and buys a bottle of vodka… Meanwhile, Masood is frustrated when Zainab is insistent about cutting Jane and Christian out of the business and he tells Jane that he wants to be with her. Jane is shocked and insists that she loves her family and she leaves for Florida alone.

Roxy visits Syed and tells him that Christian is unhappy and she wants Syed to leave Walford. Meanwhile, Imam Ali visits the Masoods to tell them about Syed leaving the mosque and insists that Syed is always welcome. Masood worries about Syed and heads to the flat. He finds an unconscious Syed, who has downed the vodka and a bottle of pills!

Masood drags Syed into the street. A passing Ian gets Syed into the car and they rush him to hospital. Masood is relieved when the doctor reveals that Syed will be OK and he tells Zainab he’ll move back home as long as Syed can come too. Zainab is left alone with Syed as he wakes and she viciously tells him she wishes he’d died. Masood and Tamwar are behind her and have heard everything…

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