Syed tries to find his blackmailer

Syed is relieved when he realises that Amira was talking about discovering that he embezzled money from the family and he keeps his affair a secret. Syed receives an anonymous text and is suspicious when he sees Ian hunched over his phone, but it turns out that Ian’s not the culprit. Later, Christian confesses to Lucy that he’s seeing a guy who is already involved. Lucy later smiles cunningly at her phone…

Denise agrees to meet Owen in the park, but she sees him with a dodgy looking bloke and walks off. Libby reveals that the man was Owen’s AA sponsor Frankie and Owen wanted her to meet him to find out how well he’s doing. Denise apologises to Owen but she tells Lucas that she’s finding it difficult to forgive.

Ian takes Jane for a romantic meal and she’s hopeful they’ll talk about adopting, but she’s left disappointed when Ian says he wants to buy a caravan! Jane mentions adopting a baby but Ian is dismissive and an upset Jane walks out. Ian later finds Jane reading an adoption leaflet and she tells him she’s signed up for a pre-adoption course.

Also, Sam is coy with Jack when he invites her out, while Ricky tries to get creative in the kitchen.