Hayley thinks it’s time to tell Sylvia about Harold. When a curious Sylvia finds a prescription for Hayley’s hormone pills she starts asking awkward questions. Hayley is sick of lying and wonders whether it’s time to tell Sylvia the truth about her sex change. But before she has a chance Tracy gets in there first.

As Steve ponders the loss of Becky she wakes up at the Croppers, determined to put Steve behind her and move on. Later, she’s in the cafe when she spots a good-looking stranger and with her new plan in mind she flirts with a friendly Karl. But when she later comes on to him heavily in the pub after a run-in with Stella, things turn messy between the two women.

Marcus is proving a natural with Dylan and when he becomes sick Marcus takes it in his stride. But Sean is naturally over-protective and worried that their relationship is moving too fast. When Sean returns he flips when he discovers that Marcus has dealt with Dylan alone.

Also, relations thaw between Carla and Peter, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Leanne; Frank sets up a meeting with a major buyer.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Defensive Becky insists she’s moved on and has been seeing new blokes. She’s just trying to hurt Steve, but it has the desired effect and heartbroken he orders her out. Becky hits the bottle once more but as she sobers up at the Croppers, she opens up, admitting she needs to try and resuscitate her marriage. As Becky sets off to talk to Steve, he arrives at the cafe having made a decision himself, and it’s finally the end of the road for the couple.

Ruffled Sylvia can’t cope with both Harold and Hayley and can’t look her in the eye. But Roy’s not having any of it and tells her if she can’t be civil she can move out.

Sean lets Marcus have it with both barrels, claiming he should have told him Dylan was ill rather than dealing with it himself, he’s his son not Marcus’s. Hurt Marcus storms out, but when Eileen points out how fantastic Marcus has been with Dylan Sean come to his senses.

Also, Peter’s quick to defend Carla when the police arrive at the pub asking leading questions about Fiz. Leanne’s not happy and as Peter makes a dig about Nick it’s clear the cracks in the Barlows’ marriage are still not totally healed.

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