Sylvie threatens Aunt Babe with the police

Sylvie is stunned following Babe’s revelation that Stan has died. Trying to visit her family, Sylvie finds herself stopped by Babe. The sisters come to blows as Babe tries to manipulate her. Sylvie threatens to call the police and tell the truth about the past. When Babe reminds Sylvie that she was also involved, Sylvie has a change of heart.

Tina confides in Sonia over the family’s ongoing troubles. Visiting Shirley, Tina gives her some home truths. Opening up about her hurt, Shirley reveals how tormented she feels having to choose between her sons every day. When Shirley tells Tina to return to the Vic, Tina decides to move out, so she can support Shirley.

Ronnie tells Roxy to get out after Roxy’s confession about sleeping with Charlie. A distraught Roxy pleads with Ronnie to forgive her. Calming down, Ronnie softens towards Roxy despite her betrayal, admitting that there’s another guy in Walford that she’s been seeing.

Also, Kim comes clean to Denise about Vincent, revealing all his secrets. In the Square, Vincent secretly watches Kim.