Tabby arrives in Hollyoaks!

Marnie's mother Tabby arrives in Hollyoaks, but it seems not everyone's thrilled...

Marnie’s mother, Tabby, descends on the village to the delight of grandson James – but son-in-law Mac is furious. Tabby meets Tony – will she be fooled by Marnie’s seduction plan?

Liam tries to stop Grace from meddling in the Osbornes’ case. He decides to hand himself into the police before Eva reports Grace. Meanwhile, there’s obvious sexual chemistry between Holly and Nick when he comforts her about the missing family.

Ellie plans a romantic surprise for Freddie but, when they start to kiss, she has flashbacks to her night with Nick and flees. When she gets back to the pub, Holly and Nick are there. Holly thinks Ellie is still jealous so Nick confronts her – how will Ellie react?

Also, Simone confronts Lisa about visiting Margaret.