For one month every year, five middle-aged pals (including Jon Hamm, Ed Helms and Jeremy Renner) resume the game of tag they have been playing since the age of nine.

This year, however, the stakes are higher: Renner, the only member of the gang never to have been tagged, is apparently planning to quit the game after his impending wedding…

Inspired by a true story, this raucous, knockabout comedy is great fun. The game cast certainly have a terrific rapport – Helms plays another of his gung-ho nerds, Hamm turns on the smarm as a conceited insurance company boss, Jake Johnson oozes befuddlement as a pothead and Hannibal Buress’ neurotic  nails the laughs.

Renner, meanwhile, makes the most of his action movie experience with his fleet-footed and combative character. Things get very crude and rowdy, but the slapstick stunts are impressively vigorous (so much so that Renner actually broke his arms during shooting) and the men’s imperishable camaraderie comes across vividly.