Denise is worried when she realises that Kevin has been missing since the previous evening and she heads down to the car lot with Pat. The pair realise one of the cars is missing and Kevin hasn’t taken his mobile with him. Deano confronts Carly and demands to know what she knows about Kevin’s disappearance, but a guilty Carly pleads ignorance. Shirley gloats when she learns that Kevin has gone and a furious Carly punches her.

Martin has spent the night with Sonia, but he’s shocked when she tells him that she’s still leaving and he resolves to get by without her. He moves back into the Fowler house with Rebecca but they both feel bereft. A sobbing Sonia sets off in a taxi and she’s shocked when she sees a smiling Martin and Rebecca. Martin puts their suitcases into the taxi and tells her that all he wants is her – they’re coming with her! Sonia is over the moon and the reunited family leave the Square…

Dawn visits Rob and reveals that she feels uncomfortable about trying to fleece May but Rob insists that it’s the right thing to do. Dawn is still unsure but when May makes an off-hand comment about being a spendthrift, Dawn resolves to go along with Rob’s plan and take May for all she’s got.

Also, Shirley tries it on with an unimpressed Phil!

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