Having spent time with Kate, Noah’s crush deepens. He’s also made her think about Mark, and she tells Lucas it’s time to sell Mark’s bike that’s still at the garage. When Toadie hears that Lucas wants to try and contact Mark about the bike before selling it, he panics and tells Lucas he’ll sort it. He turns to Sonya and asks her to place a notification in the paper, even though they both know he’s dead.

She agrees but worries about Kate finding out, and tells Toadie she wants to plant a memorial tree at the nursery, that only they’ll know about. However, when Callum arrives, asking who died, they don’t know what to tell him. So Sonya tells him it’s for her gran, as she didn’t get to go to her funeral, but Callum’s not happy about it and doesn’t quite believe them.

Andrew’s concerned when he realises how much time Noah’s spending on the art project, knowing it’s because of Kate. Kate’s not impressed when Andrew warns her about Noah having a crush on her again and tells her to be careful, but she tells him to mind his own business. However, Andrew’s obviously got to her because she tells Noah he should move on from his crush before anyone gets hurt.