Tall & Tiny: Nature’s Extremes – Eden

Eden’s new documentary Tall & Tiny: Nature’s Extremes looks at the very big and the very small living and naturally formed things on Earth

From the giant blue whale feeding off tiny krill, to delicate little hummingbirds and huge harpy eagles, Eden’s one-off documentary Tall & Tiny: Nature’s Extremes travels around the world to capture wildlife at both ends of the size scale.

It begins in the Great Barrier Reef with minute seahorses hiding in the coral, before leaping to the Amazon rainforest to capture a family of giant river otters and the largest rodent in the world, the capybara.

Dik-diks Tall & Tiny: Nature’s Extremes

Dik-diks, so-called because of the noise they make, in Eden’s Tall & Tiny: Nature’s Extremes

In Africa, as ostriches two-and-a-half metres tall spirit across the sand, a lofty giraffe stretches his magnificent neck, while tiny antelope called dik-diks hang out with a herd of elephants.

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TV Times rating: ***